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All colleges have their eccentric traditions, and the U. Naval Academy has one that’s quirkier than most. At the end of their first year, the plebes climb the Herndon Monument and remove the distinctive “Dixie Cup” plebe hat perched at the top of the foot plinth and replace it with the officer-style midshipman hat. All this would be straightforward except that, in a tradition dating back to , the upperclassmen grease the monument with lard. While the plebes struggle to form a human pyramid to reach the hat, the upperclassmen spray them with hoses. But to the disappointment of the plebes, for whom this is a rite of passage from a grueling year, and to many Annapolis graduates, academy superintendent Vice Adm. Jeffrey Fowler decreed no lard, no hoses on the grounds that somebody might get seriously hurt and that the time could be better spent doing something else.

Units become freshman halls in dorm changes

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Beanie: Identifying cap worn by freshmen, as required by the sophomore of the 11 independent eating clubs, where the majority of upperclassmen eat their meals. who does not go to Princeton and is brought in for the weekend as a date.

Fashion in the period — in European and European-influenced countries is characterized by a widening silhouette for both men and women following the tall, narrow look of the s and 90s. The new fashion trends introduced during this era had a greater impact on society, affecting not only royalty and aristocrats, but also middle and even lower classes.

Clothing during this time can be characterized by soft pastels, light, airy, and asymmetrical designs, and playful styles. Wigs remained essential for men and women of substance, and were often white; natural hair was powdered to achieve the fashionable look. The costume of the eighteenth century, if lacking in the refinement and grace of earlier times, was distinctly quaint and picturesque [1].

Distinction was made in this period between full dress worn at court and for formal occasions, and undress or everyday, daytime clothes. As the decades progressed, fewer and fewer occasions called for full dress, which had all but disappeared by the end of the century. Fashion designers became more recognizable during this period, as men and women were eager to be dressed in the latest trends and styles.

The Herndon Veterans Memorial

May 8, AM. Picture this: the plebe class has been overcoming obstacles all year long. From the moment they arrive on the Yard and are welcomed with a haircut and white works, to the grueling physical and mental demands of Plebe summer, to the academic rigors and additional pressures imposed by the upperclassmen throughout the year.

Examples can be seen in the below photo, which dates from a Cornell when all the freshmen burned their caps in a ceremonial bonfire. cap”), Morelli ended up being pursued by a mob of angry upperclassmen, and.

A tradition dating back to The U. Peter Rossi of Phoenix capped the foot obelisk slathered with vegetable shortening. It was done in 2 hours, 9 minutes and 35 seconds. The class of climbed up the obelisk in 12 minutes — the first recorded time, reported The Washington Post. The class of has the fastest time at 1 minute 30 seconds — but no grease was used that year. The class of has the slowest time, taking 4 hours, 5 minutes and 17 seconds to finish because upperclassmen glued and taped the Dixie cup hat to the top.

Plebes began climbing the monument at the academy in Annapolis, Md. The original goal of the climb was to have a member of the class perch on top of the monument, The Post reported. In , upperclassmen began smearing lard on the monument to make the climb more challenging.

Cut The Caps

Freshmen Hatters were required to wear Rat Caps in Photo is the property of Stetson University Archives. Girls start whispering about little green beanies that must be worn for a week — something called a Rat Cap — and carrying books for the upperclassmen while having to obey their silly requests, or else. Or else what? The meeting begins.

Fashion in the period – in European and European-influenced countries is Ladies wore masculine-inspired shirts and tricorne hats for riding and hunting. Upper-class men often wore a cane as part of their outfits, suspending it by a loop from one of their waistcoat buttons to allow their hands to properly hold.

There were distinct fashions during the Elizabethan era for men as well as some restrictions regarding what they wore. Find out how men’s clothing styles were defined, what the common garments consisted of, and how they changed during this unique time period. The Elizabethan period covers the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. She ruled England during to This period is often considered a renaissance in England, in both literature, art, and even political expansion.

During this time, the Protestant Exploration occurred and also expansion or exploration abroad. While England flourished during the second half of the sixteenth century, fashion remained strict for both men and women. For the men of Elizabethan England there were certain rules of what to wear, how to wear it, and the way one should look around women. The fashions of the era changed significantly while Queen Elizabeth was in power.

While women are most remembered for their dress in this time, their clothing often mimicked the look of men. For example, the ruff neck frills was worn by both genders and became more and more ornate as the period progressed. Unlike today, the amount of clothing a man was required to wear included several layers.

The A-Blast

Harvard said Monday that it will open its dorms to the Class of this fall, asking sophomores, juniors, and seniors to seek approval to return. The decision comes as coronavirus cases in the United States continue to rise, complicating reopening plans at businesses and universities. University President Lawrence S. All courses will be taught virtually for students both on and off campus.

Older students were allowed to date, and often did so on Sundays by taking The upperclassman’s hat atop the greased monument in

In a chaotic pile of arms grasping, feet slipping and general limbs flailing about Monday, Naval Academy midshipmen clocked their climb at the Herndon Monument at 1 hour and 5 minutes — finishing out their first year. At the sound of the superintendent informing them to go “full speed ahead” nearly 1, plebes charged the monument greased down with vegetable shortening as other midshipmen roamed the area to spray the with water.

As the commander in charge of the Herndon Climb, McGraw and other upperclassmen layered the monument with grease and carved messages like “never gonna make it” on the sides. Before the event took place, people milled about to maybe grab funnel cake from a food truck or lay out in the early afternoon sun with blankets. Renita Moore from Tennessee had set up a couple of chairs to view the climb with a little more comfort. Her son, Midshipman 4th Class Max Klischies, told her beforehand that it wasn’t just going to be difficult but also dirty.

Another Navy mom from Florida, Tracie Norris, talked about her son and what he had hoped to do while helping others climb to the top. She guessed Midshipman 4th Class Gabe Stevens at 6-feet-1 would be at the bottom of the pile. Despite the slippery challenges, the students officially finished the plebe year by scaling the foot tall monument to replace the plebe’s “dixie cup” hat with the midshipmen’s “cover. It connects each new class with its counterpart from 50 years earlier.

During the climb, students attempted multiple techniques to try and build a foundation at the base of the monument for others to have a steadier time to scale up further. Shirts were ripped up and used as rags to wipe down Herndon to get rid of as much grease as possible. At times, the students were able to build layer after layer of students standing on shoulders, backs and sometimes heads of others.

Elizabethan Fashion for Men

While it may be common to see students date students that are one year younger or older, students that date other students with a two, three, or higher year age difference is rarely seen in the school. However, many people accredit the lack of people dating significantly younger or older people to be a maturity problem. As students go through puberty, some mature slower than others and this sets the grades apart, and many upperclassmen cannot bear to deal with an immature significant other.

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From what I understand 4th class cadets can’t date upperclassmen so I Seven months is a drop in the hat to most people here to be honest.

But what the Tar Heels accomplished was perhaps even beyond their dreams of what the season could hold. When the campaign finally ended in late May in the national semifinals, Carolina had spent much of the spring ranked No. With the No. The tournament had a familiar look to it, as Florida State was Carolina’s first opponent in Athens. Duke raced out to a lead thanks to an impressive doubles point, but for the third time in , Carolina was up to the challenge.

Marand won a three-setter that sent the program to its first trip to the national semifinals. While Carolina was unable to overcome No. It was a dream start to doubles for Duke , as the Blue Devils got early breaks on all three courts and quickly led at Nos. Nze and Granson led before the Tar Heels won three straight games to pull back all but one break, but Granson served out the victory.

On court two, No. But No.

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